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Your Questions, Answered


•    What do you offer?
We provide padded, waterproof LVP with a click-lock system. We offer 4.5mm/12mil wear layer, 5mm/20 mil wear layer and 6.5mm/20 mil wear layer. 
•    What is LVP?
LVP stands for “luxury vinyl plank” and is a type of flooring that resembles hardwood but is much more affordable. Check out more about that here and see more about our product here.
•    Is this waterproof?
Yes! It’s 100% waterproof - SPC (stone polymer core) your LVP flooring will not be damaged by water sitting on it.
•    What’s the price per square foot?
We offer several LVP products in various thickness. We’re well under the market average for these same products, so call now to get a quote. We offer bulk discount pricing! Ask about it today!
•    Do you offer delivery?
Currently we are set for pickup only. We are located near the Louis Armstrong Intl. Airport in Kenner, LA.
•    Can I stop by to see your product any time?
We are available Monday - Saturday but would ask that you make an appointment as we may be already serving other people when you come by. Call or text us anytime to set up a meeting. 
•    Is it scratch resistant?
Yes, like all LVP ours is scratch resistant. Our vinyl plank flooring comes with a clear wear layer that protects the vinyl underneath from wearing away as it is walked upon so that your floors look great for years to come.
•    What is SPC?
SPC is the core of our luxury vinyl plank and stands for “stone polymer composite.” There is also WPC - “wood polymer composite” - and rigid core, which is a hardened vinyl.
•    How long does it take to get my LVP after I order?
Most often we have what you need in stock. Sometimes orders may be delayed as we wait for a shipment to arrive but we are usually well stocked.
•    Can I return product for a refund?
We are happy to refund you on any undamaged, unopened boxes.
•    How do you install LVP?
Great question, see our video here for how to install our luxury vinyl click-plank.
•    How do I clean LVP?
Cleaning is easy! Just use a non-abrasive mop or cloth and a simple solution of 1 part vinegar to 16 parts water. 
•    Does it require adhesives to install?
No it does not. Our LVP is considered a floating floor - they require no adhesives or fasteners. Adding any adhesives or fasteners would weaken the I4f patented locking system and void the warranty.
•    What is a mil?
A “mil” is a unit of measurement used to describe the thickness of the wear layer on LVP - it’s about 1/40 of a millimeter.

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